What’s more disgusting than seeing an insect scuttle across the floor of your bathroom when you’re trying to take a relaxing bath? Gross, right?

 It’s a sight that plagues a lot more people than you would think. Depending on your location, whether you live close to water and the weather conditions in your home town, pest control can be a really big pain.


 Here are some simple ideas to make sure your bathroom stays pest free in the long run.

 · Seal up holes – Look at the area around your bathroom fixtures. See any gaps? You’d be surprised at how big the space can be between your walls and your plumbing. However small they are, you’ll be shocked to find out how perfect these are for bugs. Think of them as tiny little doors into a porcelain heaven for a pest. Keep your eye on the drains too.

· Keep it dry – The number one thing a pest wants isn’t your food, it’s your water. Bugs are incredibly attracted to moisture and dampness. This is why our bathrooms are such a prime target for pest infestations. Taking excellent care of your plumbing is a great way to keep the bathroom dry and prevent bugs from infesting. Keep an eye out for leaking pipes, taps, clogged drains and repair and replace them as needed. Make sure your bathroom also has a fan installed to clear away moisture regularly.

· Clean it up – Keeping a clean and tidy bathroom helps you in identifying when there is a pest problem that you need to deal with. Regularly empty your bathroom bin (you’d be surprised how attractive an old shampoo bottle can be to a bug). Try to declutter and organise your bathroom as often as possible, cutting back pest hiding places. Doing this will help you to stop any pests that may have come to visit, and you can cut them off before they have a chance to multiply and cause a serious problem.


· Deal with the problem – If there is already an infestation in your bathroom, it’s time to get rid of it, fast! Having pests in your bathroom means they can spread into the rest of the house and cause a whole lot of damage. For great London pest control, try visiting http://www.pestcontrol4london.co.uk/. We have looked at a lot of sites, and this one is at the top of our list for quality pest info.